Your style. Our signature.

Every project gets us excited. We fuss over floor plans, ask our suppliers to upgrade their “standard” offerings, delight our buyers with unique design touches and carefully supervise every step of construction—because your home is our dream, too.

We imagine what it would be like to wake up in the master bedroom. Entertain in the kitchen. Walk the dog in the local park. Snuggle in with the kids on a Friday night. And drive up the street after a long day at work.

Every generation puts its own stamp on a family business.

DiCenzo’s founder, Tony DiCenzo, built his first home for his family in 1952. He then applied his tireless work ethic and craftsman’s skill to building a mix of high-rise rental and single-family homes for others, turning his company into one of the largest landowners and developers in southern Ontario.

More than 50 years later, the second generation is still building homes that proudly carry the DiCenzo name.

Tony’s son Anthony is now company president. Anthony immerses himself in every DiCenzo project, from land surveying and building design to framing and finishing. He handpicks his tradespeople, marks up every architectural drawing with his signature purple pen, and knows exactly what’s happening, day-by-day, with every home under construction.

When DiCenzo Homes says is ‘it’s not just real estate, it’s real life’, that real life, for us, is family. From founder Tony DiCenzo’s first home to our growth today as one of Southern Ontario’s largest and most respected builders, creating homes your family will cherish continues to be our goal.

Construction isn’t a business for Anthony DiCenzo—it’s a calling. You’ll frequently find him sketching site plans into the wee hours of the night, walking room-by-room through partially constructed homes in the dead of winter and reviewing renderings from landscape architects to ensure that homeowners will be happy with their view today—and 20 years into the future.