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Well-designed communities link us to the past, enrich our present and give us solid roots to move forward to the future.

TThis was a guiding principle for The Gardens of Edgemere. The lake, forest, historical gardens and contemporary architecture all converge to create a rare gem in East Oakville.

Nestled next to Lake Ontario and surrounded by nature, 1502 Lakeshore Road East is an exceptionally unique estate with a history that spans over a century. The state of the property’s many heritage features had suffered through decades of neglect.

Through Anthony DiCenzo’s vision, all of these features will now be restored, including the estate’s historic Japanese teahouse and pergola, offering panoramic views of both the surrounding lake and forest.

The estate’s original stone pathways have been uncovered and many will be preserved, allowing each owner a private pathway filled with modern living and all the rare amenities of the past.


The Gardens of Edgemere is a first-of-its-kind development project that the Town of Oakville has never experienced before.

Designed with a unique sensitivity to buildings and their relationship to the surrounding landscape, The Gardens is a wishing well reflection of the breathtaking vistas that surround this majestic community on all sides.

At the east entrance, both the carriage house and the keeper’s lodge of The Gardens will be restored, with the keeper’s lodge being repurposed into a guest cottage for family and friends.

The original timber roof gates at the Estate’s original main entrance will be made into a private pedestrian entranceway, and the greenhouse and conservatory, as well as the neighbouring rose garden of years gone by, will be revitalized to match the beauty they once revealed decades ago. Behind the rose garden, the aviary will now be transformed into an open air gazebo.

On the west side of the property, all can enjoy the path through the woodland along Wedgewood Creek, before eventually arriving at the beautiful waterfront park.

Finally, the real gem of the estate is perhaps the Japanese teahouse and pergola, which offers a panoramic view of the scenic lake, lush forest, and the property’s own private grotto, complete with waterfall and rock garden. It too will be restored to its original grandeur.


Award winning architect, Gren Weis, designed a collection of magnificent dwellings that harmoniously balances today’s contemporary architecture with the surrounding nature and heritage features of the property.

The building exteriors, contemporary in design, are subtle and natural: stone, stucco, dark, rich maintenance free wood finish cladding. Floor to ceiling windows on the main and upper levels along the back of each home open to one-of-a-kind unencumbered views of Lake Ontario.

Private, stepped rear yards with huge rear terraces, architectural planters, natural wood pergolas and sliding doors, blur any distinction of where outdoor living ends and interior luxury begins.

Inside, natural light pours in from every angle, filling the spacious living areas and kitchen with sunshine. The expansive use of glass takes full advantage of the communities’ beautiful vistas. In each home special attention has been given to the social areas which offer open concept kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms that flow onto the large terraces and private yards.

The availability of both two and three bedroom plans make it perfect for both empty nesters and families alike!

Only 1 luxury waterfront home remaining
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