Start Fresh. Buy New.

Start Fresh. Buy New.

15 reasons why buying new is the right choice for you.


  1. Personalization. When you buy new, you get to choose all of the finishes and fixtures that match your style. When you step through the front door on move-in day, it’s already done. Your house. Your Way.


  1. Built to Code. Sleep easy, rest assured that your new home has been built to all the current building codes, standards and best practices.


  1. New Home Warranty. In the rare event that anything should go awry, homeowners are entitled to compensation through new home warranty plans.


  1. Lower Maintenance Costs. Enjoy years of worry-free living before having to concern yourself with any of the major costs of homeownership including roof replacement, electrical rewiring or plumbing issues.


  1. Tax Benefits. The Canada Revenue Agency offers a rebate for new build homes that you may qualify for.


  1. Energy Efficiency. New homes are built with energy efficient appliances, double-paned windows and built with all energy efficient builder codes and standards.


  1. No “Fixes”. When you renovate a resale home, a huge amount of the costs involved in renovating are about replacing the questionable choices of the previous homeowner and the owner before them, and the owner before them.


  1. Your Perfect Floor Plan. New home communities have a variety of home plans to choose from. You can decide what number of bedrooms and bathrooms are right for your family. Finished or unfinished basements. Or whether you want the lot that backs onto the green space or is close to the school.


  1. High Air Quality. New homes offer higher indoor air quality, free from drafts and dust because newer building codes ensure the best in ventilation and air filtration.


  1. Increased Safety. Older homes come with older standards of safety. New builds must adhere to rigorous building and electric safety standards.


  1. New Technology. With new homes, new appliances come standard. If you want to replace all of the appliances in a resale home with the latest and greatest, these additional costs can soar quickly.


  1. Mortgage Financing. Builders often partner with banks and mortgage lenders to support buyers in securing financing.


  1. Appreciation in Value. When you buy a new home off-plan, your home has increased in value before you’ve even moved in! And as the communities mature the value of your home improves too.


  1. Master Planned Communities. When builders create a new home community the do it with careful consideration to the needs of the new homeowners. Parks, protected green space, brand new schools and community centres are all built into the overall design ensuring that your family will have the supports they need and want for years to come.


  1. New Home Feel. Your family will be the first to celebrate the holidays there. Your kids heights will be the first to be notched in the kitchen doorframe. At the end of the day, nothing else feels quite as good as knowing that it is truly your home.