Smart Home Gadgets for 2017

With all those tempting gadgets on display, Christmas is a fun time to let your inner geek come out to play. But which home tech products are really cool to own or just hot during the frantic gift-giving season?

Safety first, so top of my list has to be a home security camera. There are a lot of systems, providers, devices and apps to choose from but the Nest Cam is worth a real look. Give the Nest Cam the job of protecting your home and it will send you a phone alert or email photos if it detects activity outside. Plus the built-in speaker is a great way to let your errant teenage son who’s trying to sneak in past curfew that he’s busted.

The days of keeping keys under your doormat are over in the city. Luckily, there’s the battery-powered August Smart Lock that offers keyless entry with iOS and Android smartphones. Guess that means phones for everyone under the tree this year (again).

If regulating your home’s heating and cooling is keeping you busy, the ecobee3 Smart Thermometer might be your answer. It lets you set up satellites in different rooms then adjust settings through your smart phone. So you can lower the bedroom temperature before retiring or increase the temperature where the kids say they’re cold, from your easy chair.

There are more; Petcube that streams video of Fido to your tablet or smartphone when you’re at work, Smartpot that remembers to water your houseplants for an entire month, Intelligent Oven that just knows how long stuff cooks, a robot vacuum and a Wi-Fi Mr.Coffee that you can set to brew while in bed. Now all we need is staff to run these devices.

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