Small Town Sweet Life or Big City Living – Which Is Right For You?

More and more people are bypassing on the cosmopolitan life for a simpler, more rural lifestyle. A smaller town with friendly neighbours next to rolling fields. But is that life for you? Maybe you hear the call of the bright lights and big city? There are so many variables that come into play when you are trying to determine where to hang your hat. Some young professionals think living in the city is the only option and some families feel that raising children in a smaller town is the best way. But everyone is unique and there are pro’s and con’s to each lifestyle at each stage of life. Let’s explore a few:
Small Town
1. More Nature – Green trees, hiking trails, rivers and lakes abound in smaller towns.
2. More Time – The pace of life is slower in the country. There is time to garden, read, do your hobbies, spend time with family and relax.
3. More Security – You are 2.5x less likely to be a victim of crime in a small town than in an urban area. It’s a fact.
4. Family Friendly – Small towns are built with families in mind. Restaurants and shops are welcoming. Parks dot every neighbourhood. Schools are more community oriented.
5. Stronger Communities – Small town living means everyone knows your name, and your kid’s names, and your parents, and your dog’s…
Big City
1. More Transportation Options – When work is only a 20 minute commute away you can bike, walk or take more than one kind of public transportation.
2. More Diversity – Cities have a wide variety of representation from around the world in one place.
3. More Arts & Culture – Want to see dinosaurs at a museum, take in a theatre play, hear
your favourite band? Entertainment of all kinds is available all year long in cities.
4. More Education Options – Public, Catholic, French Immersion, Alternative, Private.
5. More Excitement – There is something happening every day in every part of downtown: festivals, charity runs, street fairs, concerts and more.
Having the best of both worlds means that you are minutes away from everything. Living on the
outskirts, yet minutes away from the pulse of city life, offers access to award winning
restaurants, theatres, community gardens and museums. Being part of a small town means
heritage, friends and community. The Foothills of Winona is located in the Heart of Niagara,
home to world renowned wineries, local farms, the Bruce Trail and conservation areas. All are
yours to discover and explore when you call the Foothills of Winona home.
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