Grimsby GO Train great news for homebuyers in Winona

If you’re thinking of buying a new home in Winona, you’ll be happy to know that weekday commuter train service to Grimsby is officially “a GO.”

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca announced on June 28 that commuters from Winona and Grimsby will be ridin’ the rails westbound toward Toronto from a new Grimsby station as soon as 2021. Niagara-bound GO Train service to St. Catharines and Niagara Falls from Grimsby will be in place by 2023.

Del Duca calls it a “real game-changer” for the Niagara Region.



Until the announcement, Winona residents were going to have to get themselves to the already-promised Confederation GO station, to open on Centennial Parkway in 2021, in order to connect with GO Train service. The June 28 announcement means current residents and those planning to purchase a single-family home or townhouse in Winona will be able travel a few minutes east to the new Grimsby station, to be built on Casablanca Blvd.

As a Hamilton-area homebuilder with a beautiful piece of property in Winona at Barton Street and Fifty Road, DiCenzo Homes is enthusiastic about the GO announcement. Anything that enhances quality of life (and, ultimately, property values) for the future residents our new townhome development is good news to us.

And here’s the research to back up our optimism.

Traffic congestion is more than just a daily irritation for Hamilton and Niagara-area commuters. According to Metrolinx’s Costs of Road Congestion in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, being stuck in traffic costs commuters (and the economy) $3.3 billion a year. (Those are 2006 numbers, too. The report predicts that the costs to commuters will increase to $7.8 billion by 2031.) GO train service to Grimsby will help Winona homebuyers spend more of their precious time with their families and friends and less on the road.

Research also shows that property values are positively impacted by transit infrastructure investments. A report by the Real Estate Investment Network titled The GTA Transportation Effect notes that transportation improvements in the GTA—including subway improvements and GO Train service expansions—will enhance real estate values 10 to 20 per cent. “Distances are now measured in minutes, not kilometers,” the report authors say. “Improved accessibility drives real estate demand.”

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