Décor Trends for 2018; Warm and Bold Naturals

With the keyword being warm, this year’s design ideas are hot. While all of North America experiences record cold temperatures, the trend is for warm colours, cozy fabrics and artisanal touches.

Replacing ‘Millenial Pink’ is lavender moving into lilac. Whites are still a popular neutral but balanced with colourful trims, bold patterns and soft accents. Natural materials are again highlighted this year and green is the choice of designers looking for a bold backdrop that feels natural and timeless. Gems are featured on wallpaper in agate and geode patterns, as well as in rich and moody gem-toned colour palettes.

Velvets, seen on top fashion runways of the world, now make their way into décor, and for all the right reasons. Velvet upholstery is durable, rich and classic yet soft and comfortable, and sport any colour equally well though designers suggest soft grays or neutrals for a safer choice.

Striking geometrics and bold patterns of all shapes are this year’s accent choice including large circles found on pillows and wallpapers, and big beautiful florals inspired by the boho trend.

Another welcome trend is the choice of long lasting natural materials that require minimal upkeep, but more refined and sophisticated then the rustic look of previous trends. With the demise of the industrial look, this year think curved lines and softer edges. Fixtures too are moving away from brushed silver and stainless steel to golden brass tones for added depth and splendour.

Interior design often take its cue from the outdoors, perhaps subconsciously, but that seems true again this year with the trend to warmth expressed in a wide range of looks from geometric to traditional to artisanal. But expressing your personal style is not weather-dependent, and the same goes for your home’s decor.

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